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Did you know, the therapeutic areas with the highest spending in the U.S. are antidiabetics, oncologics, autoimmune, and respiratory diseases?

The leading drug classes in the U.S. are antihypertensives, pain relievers, and mental health drugs.

The services we provide reflect the importance of lifestyle medicine as there is an entire listing of patient issues that support this trend in health care.

A complete wellness program for your clinic.

  • Your practice amplifies its role as a teacher, instructing the patient on diet, exercise, mobility, macronutrients, micronutrients, and lifestyle modification.
  • After the physician sees a patient and develops a wellness health plan for wellness services, that patient can directly see the wellness coach to carry out the ongoing wellness counseling sessions — in person, face to face, in your office.
  • We add in a weekly educational component that includes weekly handouts and quizzes about information the patient was educated on that is specific to helping decrease the severity of their chronic health conditions.
  • We offer access to our prevention-minded dietitians and nutritionists to work 1-on-1 with your patients.

How the NaviWell System can make a difference:

  • Decreased hospital and ER visits
  • Decreased medication use/necessity
  • Increased quality scores for insurances
  • Better quality of life for both provider and patients
  • Weight management
  • Improved lab values
  • Consistency and stability for mental health of patient
  • Access to advanced lab testing

Positive Outcomes

Our services are used to report education to individuals when the education is of a wellness nature. We have created a system to:

  • educate patients on creating a longer and more vibrant health span
  • access to health coaches, dietitians, and nutritionists
  • increase quality care
  • cut excessive spending on chronic degenerative conditions
  • bring revenue to physician offices
  • give patients access to one-on-one personal trainers
  • create a healthier population

Lifestyle medicine, which is aimed at protecting, promoting and maintaining health, is a medical specialty recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. NaviWell exists to develop these processes of placing wellness medicine programs in physician and medical offices.

Our NaviWell providers receive:

  • Access to company app for both patients and practice
  • Proprietary information about lifestyle management program
  • Instructions on billing, coding, and insurance flow
  • Continuous oversight of management team. 
  • Access to treatments, flow of visits, patient specific educational information, documentation necessity, and more
Instruction on how to verify everyone’s insurance to check coverage (no, most billers/office staff don’t know how to accurately do this)
Education and incorporation using our proprietary information manufactured for wellness, incorporate the model, blend with the medical side, show the weekly visits, marketing strategies, how to chart in the EMR, etc to make the whole model flow.
We have created an entire visit timeline, educational materiel throughout, when to do re-exams, necessary documentation, patient plan limits, and fun cash pay value add-ons intermixed within.

The Industry Is Catching On

“Precision Health Will Revolutionize Healthcare Delivery”

GE Health

“More Payers will invest in ownership and management in Physicians/ Provider groups”


“We will see acceleration in a morphing definition of high-performing networks to include the orchestration of medical and non-medical resources. Those organizations that shift their technology investment toward building core competencies around information capture, information digitization and sharing, automated contract management and payment facilitation that span all network partners.”

Lynn Carrol, COO HSBlox

“The continued push for consumer-centric healthcare is driving renewed interest in stronger collaborations with providers to proactively manage patient care.”

Siva Namasivayam, CEO of Cohere Heath

“Digital therapeutics will rewrite the future of healthcare”


The Data Speaks For Itself

Forbes on Healthcare 2022: Consumerization, automation, and consolidation for doctors


of GDP is spent on healthcare


of adults in America have at least 1 chronic condition


of Americans are obese


in life expectancy world-wide


of Americans are overweight


increase in Lexapro Rx this year

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NaviWell is helping patients create (and maintain) healthier, more fulfilling lifestyles through wellness and exercise coaching, dietetics and many more specialized diagnostics designed specifically for you.

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